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"I love what Hayley was able to do for me!  After my first show, The Carla Show, This Is What I Do, Hayley took my hour video and distilled it down to one hot minute of promotion gold ensuring a packed house for my encore performance!  She is creative, innovative and extremely efficient. She listened, knew what I was aiming for and turned it around quickly creating a tight, enticing promo perfect to whet the appetite of a would-be audience member.  I still get compliments from those viewing it on YouTube!! Hayley Raphael will see to your needs and produce a reel showcasing your best self!"   -Carla Nager, Comedienne/Musician

"Reels can be personal. Hayley is great about listening and making revisions in a very objective, patient way. Hayley also works fast and smart. She found a great direction for my reel with minimal instruction. She also had a good eye for what works for you."   Chris Griggs Actor/Comedian

"Hayley is EVERYTHING you want in a collaborator when it comes to creating your online presence. Not only does she design beautiful and fully functional websites and creatively and effectively edits your reels, but she also makes part of her package the creation of your youtube channel, twitter feed, and personal blog. She even sets aside time to spruce up your Linkedin profile! The end product is the creation of your fully integrated online persona that will show you in your best light. And to top it all off she treats all the content as though it's representing her as well as you. Do yourself a favor and employ her!"
Rich Hollman, actor/teacher (

"Hayley took my commercial and film raw footage and transformed it into a streamlined, sleek and entertaining product. She cut out the fat to bring the best moments to the surface, helping me to shine on film. Her ability to see through the material was amazing. I now have two reels, one Legit Acting, and one Commercial. Both are prominent features on my website, another Hayley creation. Not only did she design the website beautifully with clean lines and navigability, she helped me define my type with the layout. I now have a better understanding of my personal brand, thanks to Hayley's insight, thoughtfulness and talent."​

                                                  Jill Rittinger, actor​/model (

Working with Hayley is amazing. She and I collaborated on a short film together recently. Not only was she ultra professional, but she was a stellar collaborator, listening when necessary and contributing creative ideas one after the other to make sure we were completely in alignment with the vision. When it came time to edit together our trailer and design the website, she was never at a loss for creative ideas that were not only well thought out, but brought the with the vision for the project to fruition with flare and finesse. Hayley is the perfect marriage of what happens when creativity meets business brilliance and stellar professionalism. I highly recommend her for all your creative needs!  - Nyle Lynn, Actor/Teacher

"I am a fitness trainer first. After spending years working at a corporate fitness establishment I decided to go off on my own to create my own business. As a trainer in excellent, however when it came to marketing myself was disorganized, directionless, and unmotivated.
Enter Hayley. After our first meeting I knew I was in great hands. She has only impressed me with her work since. Hayley designed everything from my web page and business cards, has set up and directed photo shoots and YouTube blogs, and even went on to brand me in a way that is uniquely me. She keeps me motivated and pushes me. She helps me look at the big picture and overarching plan. She brainstorms with me and her ideas often trump my own. My business has done nothing but skyrocket since we began working together. If you are looking for a someone to take your career to the next level look no further. Hayley whipped mine into shape in no time." Chris Clark, personal trainer (

Hayley Raphael art directed the photo shoot for my original spec TV pilot.  Hayley’s professionalism was above reproach, she  met every deadline as well as did a large amount of pre-production prior to the shoot.  This made the shoot stay on schedule and on budget.  The entire cast felt as ease with her guidance and vision, and she gave me an end product with which I was 100% happy.- J.W. Crump, Writer/Producer

I worked with Hayley on an independent pilot production. She is a multi-tasking dynamo with boundless energy and passion for her work. Her combination of organizational intelligence, interpersonal skills and artistic talent makes her an exceptional producer. She will absolutely nail your project and I would not hesitate to work with her again.- Daniel Kramer, Independent Writer/Technician

Hayley is a consummate professional. She went above and beyond in securing a location, managing hair and make-up and capturing images my team will be using for years. She also happens to be a beautiful person inside and out and delightful to be around--I cannot recommend her highly enough. - Erick Hellwig, Actor/Improvisor

Hayley Raphael did a masterful job organizing and art directing my photo shoot. She showed professionalism and attention to detail that kept the session running smoothly and efficiently. She put me at ease with her humor and positivity, making sure at all times that I was comfortable and the shoot reflected my needs. She also used her expertise to scout locations and handle my hair and makeup, essentially doing four different jobs at once, without even batting an eye. With Hayley Raphael, you always get the professional quality you're looking for as well without sacrificing a human touch. I can't recommend her highly enough." -Erin Coughlin (Writer/Improviser)

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