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Time to get Reel

Samples: Pr0motional Reels



LET's put together a clear, AND concise reelthat highlights your talent.


Promo: Live Stage Show

The Carla Show by Carla Nager

Jobs: Editing, Concept,

        V.O. Record, Script Writing



Jobs: Editing, production, writing, creative

Equinox - internal contest

mission; introduce company to new

            nutrition concept  

Jobs: Editing, Concept,

         Script Writing, producing 

Samples: Actor Reels & Film Promo

Comedian Sample Reel

Client: Chris Griggs

Short Film Promotion Sample

 Princess Power

Samples:: Reel Makeovers (Before & After)

Before: Original Reel
 (Female Actor/Model)

 Client: Jill Rittinger


After: Added new footage & removed extraneous transitions and created new simple straightforward look
Client: Jill Rittinger

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